Chairman's Message

The saying goes: "who has responsibilities do not know comfort", A successful businessman is required to be able to predict future directions, not just current ones.

It is known that working in the field of food is always a risky business, largely due to the proportion of sale and the validity of production, so for 22 years of our journey, our agency in Sana'a and Aden Refreshments Company in Yemen have kept up with the challenges and endured to complete and come out with great success in the end.

And the advantages of our full guesses in marketing and provide our management with daily information, to provide the required product when formulating and developing strategic plans for the market.

In spite of this atmosphere of responsibility and risk, our agency with (Sana'a and Aden Refreshments Company) in Yemen has managed to overcome all obstacles throughout its career. It has maintained a record of continuous expansion and sale and planning to become one of the leading marketers of its consumer related products in the country.