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The company's largest asset and the main factor in our company's continued success

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A fleet of more than 150 vehicles set out for distribution from our scattered branches

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We offer the best selling prices and this is what makes us the best among the competitors

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The agency of Mohammed Abdullah Ziyad (Tariq Al Jabal General Trading), was established in 1998 as a privately owned agency based on our experience and expansion in the labor market for 22 years, our company is one of the leading agencies in the import and distribution with high quality products .

We have branches in most of the Yemeni governorates specializing in sales and marketing to cover all commercial channels and modern warehouses as well as a large fleet of vehicles in ready-to-deliver.

Our agency started as a producer in selling all the items which is on its way to the top of success and we proved the great acceptance and encouragement of the company in expanding its sales and import operations until it became an exclusive agency

Recently in 2017, we witnessed a period interest in restructuring and construction.




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